Error: FDL Will Not Be Airing Waste Land This Upcoming Monday

Well, this is embarrassing. Turns out there were some scheduling issues with the filmmakers and regarding the showing of Waste Land, and it will NOT be shown there this Monday upcoming. If you read the blog here about the movie itself, bear in mind that, again, it will NOT be shown as stated (or, rather, misstated).

This is the FDL editor’s note:

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, will not be featuring Waste Land this coming Monday, February 21 on FDL Movie night. The filmmakers were not available for that evening; we thank all those who tried arrange this event and community members who are interested in Waste Land.

The FDL Movie Night is a live chat with filmmakers to discuss their projects; trailer for these films are used in the Introductory Post. The FDL Movie Night does not show major films (without license or permission).

Oops. Well. I will just put on a dunce cap and hang out in the corner…eating worms.



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