Just Be Careful When Handling Scrap…

Folks, this just in, from source that I trust:

Just be careful when handling scrap. especially electronics.  They can contain heavy metals and chemicals that are harmful.  They are not meant to be salvaged by unprotected people….just be careful, ok?



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2 responses to “Just Be Careful When Handling Scrap…

  1. You guys stop blogging, or just been too busy?

    • No worries, got distracted. Dove yesterday for food. We have had to make a decision to limit the amount of food we bring home. Ironic, but there is too much of it. I am trying to find a minimum wage job to supplement the recycle and pay the bills. I see a doctor for mental health, and pay for it out-of-pocket, so I have been trying to get supplementary work (within walking distance). However, we do not really need to supplement the food with additional money, an interesting development. Thank you for checking in, we will keep you posted. We still dive for survival, and I will post again soon.

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