About Dumpsters 2011 (dumpsters2011)

Curious about dumpster diving? Seasoned dumpster diver concerned about increasing competition? Do you want to start selling vintage items or antiques, but do not know where to get them? Do you need clothes? Are you looking for food, or books? Or are you tired of the backstabbing two-faced corporate fishbowl, and you need some humor or levity in your life?Do you want to know what pays and where to find it?

Dumpsters2011 is a welcoming blog for everyone. Dumpsters2011 is not a rehash of dumpster diving definition or technique, because that is covered elsewhere. WikiHow, for example, has an excellent article on dumpster diving.

I will be mixing general interest articles in with articles about dumpster diving. Since my survival currently depends in large part on diving, I will be sharing tips and stories related to food and clothing, in particular.

Dumpsters 2011 is an ongoing diary and open invitation for commentary- pretty much anything goes, however, this site does not condone nor does it tolerate identity theft or other criminal acts, and it does not condone nor does it tolerate spamming.

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2 responses to “About Dumpsters 2011 (dumpsters2011)

  1. margaret kirn

    my problem is no car or truck. i do love dumpster diving got it into it big when 9 yrs ago i was hit in drivers side n my neck was broken..after 5 yrs recovering n now able to walk and function fully i started…as my career was showbiz i was a operations manager. Now a social security disabled big time mom of 2. Hence i am not ashamed to dumpster dive but now that vechicle is dead almost 8 mths i am in big trouble..no money for one either.
    i miss the finds one does find in dumpster esp now the food..i dont get food stamps…and no family either to help
    do u have any suggestions?? it is very hard for me to walk long distance or pickup heavy it is a no no for me. i wld use a grocery cart but i live so far from stores i am lost here to figure this out…n no no given up..i eat very lil what hurt me bad was car dying. please help on advice
    btw i love your articles! so true

    • Try to find a food bank in your area, if possible. Our food bank is a cooperative involving churches and charities. They also help with heat, rent and other emergency costs. Plus, surely with kids, you would qualify for food stamps. Do not give up, and do not be afraid to ask for help. For example, I have found folks who care and understand in a 12-step program I am in. Plus, this might sound crazy, but if you truly have a dead vehicle, it is worth money. People buy them and recycle them for money. Then see about getting a vehicle on the cheap from someplace- we got our reconstructed truck from a salvage place. Problem is, gas is so freaking expensive we have to really think twice before we drive anywhere. The days of cruising around looking in dumpsters that do not really deliver, just for fun, are over. Competition is tough. It is a catch-22. How do you even apply for a minimum wage job with no gas money, no vehicle and no clean clothing? Stay strong, sister, and know this: you are not alone.

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