Taking Suggestions, Self-Sustainability Festival Heads Up

In case you thought I was kidding about the food you can find in dumpsters, take a look at this:


Everything in the photo is from dumpsters, including the chair that the fruit is sitting on and the drape behind the display. The blueberries, strawberries and bananas are not pictured, nor are the five or so other packages of grapes.

I am looking for suggestions. We are going to take excess fresh produce to our local excellent cooperative food bank. They keep a shopping cart in the hallway, and donors put fresh fruits and vegetables in the cart for customers to take home. Many food bank customers are children. As we see it, this is one way to get nutritious food to children. As you probably already know, food banks need donations now (ours has a two-visit emergency limit per calendar year), and they are not set up to handle fresh stuff in their inventory area. Community members give fresh items by way of the shopping cart method I describe above.

Does anyone have other suggestions? The name of the game is to keep nutritious foods out of the landfill and into the hands of folks who are hungry and struggling.

Next, I would like to mention a workshop coming up in June, in Kentucky:

“This is Dave Cooper in Lexington.  Im organizing a festival near Berea the weekend of June 16-19 called The Whippoorwil Festival – Skills for Earth-Friendly Living.   -snip-  You can read more about our fest at:  http://homegrownhideaways.org/Whippoorwill.aspx
But basically its workshops on things like raising backyard chickens, how to make sandals out of car tires, how to make mead and ferment sauerkraut, how to convert your car to veggie oil. etc.  Plus we have music and speakers in the evening (Gatewood Galbraith, Joel Pett etc.)”
Please visit this link, even if you do not live in the area.
Absolutely fantastic ideas. Thank you, Dave Cooper, for bringing our attention to this. I hope to see more and more like it.
I am off to eat a nutritious breakfast, straight from the dumpster: bacon, eggs, toast, fresh fruit. The only thing we actually purchased is the coffee.

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