Freon is Dangerous [Updated]

Hello everyone.

If you find a discarded TV or some other item (air conditioner or refrigerator for example) containing freon, leave it alone. Freon is dangerous. Special thanks to Sears and others for pointing this out. Makes me wonder though, because these items are broken up at the landfill. Scary thought.

I received this note today about freon, and I trust the source. Additional information is welcome, as usual.

“Freon is a trademarked name for a group of chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. It is not a naturally occurring substance; Freon must be created in a lab. All forms of Freon are followed by a number and a trademark symbol. Due to the fact that all forms of Freon cause destruction of the Earth’s ozone layer, the use of this gas has been banned in refrigeration and air conditioning systems in the United States.”

Go here for information:



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