Diving for Food in Warmer Weather

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it will be in the mid-fifties.

Warmer weather decreases the chances of frostbite, which I managed to encounter twice this past season. My fingertips blistered, split and oozed due to cold injury. Even with gloves, my hands are susceptible. Frostbite can easily keep you out of the dumpsters for a couple of weeks and maybe longer. When you are diving for survival as we are, a couple of weeks away is an eternity.

The down side to warm weather is timely pulling perishable food out of the dumpsters.

I would suggest sticking to just a couple of reliable nearby dumpsters that you can easily monitor frequently, and set times to check the contents if possible.

Yesterday we swung back by one our favorite dumpsters and picked up three cases of soda, 24 cans each, unopened, another loaf of bread and another package of hot dog buns, plus some oranges, lemons and more peppers.

I will post more tips on perishables as I get them. Need a small freezer though. Wish we lived in a University town!


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