Food: Amazing How Well You Can Eat

When my husband and I started seriously looking in dumpsters for food at the beginning of January, I admit I was apprehensive, even though I have been diving for years. For us, however, January was full-on survival mode, as I said in a previous post.

Here is an update on how we do it. We essentially use two different dumpsters for food and we monitor them closely, especially since both contain perishable food. One is near a barbecue vendor that is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The other is a discount grocery.

The trick is to know, almost to the hour, when the food will arrive, so we check the barbecue Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening. All of the fruits and vegetables from the grocery is perfectly good: broccoli crowns still packages, onions, potatoes, carrots, and lots of oranges. We even retrieved oranges from the ground around the dumpster perimeter, washed, peeled and sliced them, and enjoyed a nutritious dessert.

At the grocery dumpster we found three large cardboard crate-type boxes with packages of stew beef, each package around five dollars each, just one day prior to the ‘use or freeze’ date. We took four individual packages home and froze them for crockpot stew later on. Sadly, today we noticed that the crates were still there, and so that meat will go to waste.

We have enough barbecue in the freezer to last for a couple of weeks at least. Also picked up several packages of hamburger buns and three loaves of bread. As I previously mentioned we use a third long-box dumpster behind a surplus store to stock up on spices, as well as hygiene items. We use the spices for our delicious stews that we are making now, and I have not purchased shampoo, toothpaste, soap or conditioner for over a year now. Occasionally, we stock up on vitamins at the long box as well.

I have to tell you honestly we are eating better now than we ever expected, it is just amazing.

We are unemployed, and we receive no assistance of any kind. My husband receives only social security retirement, and out of that we pay our bills in order of priority each month. This leaves us with no money for food. Fortunately we have found a way to feed ourselves, and very well, I might add.

In the next post I will talk about a small business that we are starting: junk hauling.

I welcome comments, and apologize for not looking at my blog for a couple of days- I guess I thought no one would be reading it! Please share your ideas and comments. Is this blog helpful? Offensive? What do you think?



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