The Best Dumpsters to Find Cans

We live in Kentucky, and Kentucky does not have a bottle bill. Therefore, being unemployed and unemployable and married to a ninety-niner, we are, as it were, in luck.

Aluminum cans bring sixty cents per pound at our recycle center. If we fill a large, 30-gallon black garbage bag with cans, we will receive about five dollars cash for the bag. Be sure to fill the bag very full, so that when you tie the bag the cans are sort of bulging out of the top.

Two, three, or even four of these bags will feed you for a few days and pay for the gas as well.

In a pinch, the fastest way to find cans is to go to the car washes. A busy car wash dumpster is well worth the visit, even in the face of increasing competition.

If you wish to get some exercise, fresh air and sunshine, simply walk a busy road. Picking up cans does the environment good and puts money into your pocket (off the books). Who could ask for more? Activities like this are also sure to drive the uber-rich that want to keep poor folks starving insane! Just give it some time.

Take full advantage of the states that have not bothered to pen and sign bottle bills, folks. Go get those cans, and then share your experiences and recipes!


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